Terms of Use

Since website terms and conditions are a core component of my research, it only seems appropriate to include my own for this blog.

All content of this website is licensed CC-BY-NC.

Creative Commons License
Surrogate IP Rights by Andrea Wallace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Now, I’ll explain why.

CC: Since the purpose of this blog is to generate discussion and draw attention to the development of surrogate IP rights, I wanted the website to be as open as possible. I mean I should practice what I preach, right? This is why I chose a Creative Commons open license.

BY: Everyone wants to be attributed for his or her work. The theory of Surrogate IP Rights is the core of my thesis and my cherished intellectual child. Please feel free to disseminate and reuse the information on this blog with attribution.

NC: It is my intention that this information to remain free and in the public domain. This is why I’ve included the non-commercial restriction. I’m not seeking remuneration for my work, but I’m uncomfortable with it being used in a commercial manner without my approval.